Update: Moving Timeline

By Elisenda Williams
on August 11, 2016

"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..."
~Zechariah 4:10

What have we been up too!!!
Learning, lots and lots of learning!! We developed Churricos and have enjoyed watching people enjoy them at markets. Why? Because Churricos are the snack food we will be starting with in Chile and eventually popcorn.

Terra will be starting Kindergarten on the 17th of August...we are still wondering how time flew so fast that she is now old enough to start Kindergarten at Shirland Elementary. Along with her starting kindergarten, we made a few solid plans...

  • We want her to have the best kindergarten experience, she has grown up around a lot of adults and this will be her first full time experience around kids her age!
  • Because we do not want to pull her out of school 4 months after she has started, we will be delaying our first trip to Chile until May 2017. At this time, she would be graduating Kindergarten....the thought of her missing out on 3 months of her school year and not completing kindergarten with her classmates, was to sad for us.
  • We will be headed to Chile the end of May through Early September, where we will be working on all that fun and not so fun paperwork in Santiago, Chile and exploring land buy opportunities in or near Pichilemu, Chile

In the mean time.....

  • We will continue to work as hard as we can to learn about business, serving the church locally, and our community.
    • We know that we are called to serve, support & encourage ministries through prayer, worship, and serving.
  • We want to focus on growing subscriptions for "The Cob" Subscribe here: 

Please join us in prayer in following the voice of the Lord in everything that we do and plan.

"It's not about the lack of my ability but about the expanse of his ability"


By Elisenda Williams
on February 16, 2016

I won't be able to share everything but I did want to make sure I shared this.  disclaimer: I am not a writer.

During our Stay in Santiago,Chile

Throughout this trip I've had this image of the father RUNNING.  He was running with an indescribable look of joy on his face.  He had tears in his eyes but they were not tears of sorrow or sadness , they were tears of compassion and joy.   the image then turns into something like a movie clip, set in present time.   To the left i see a child in the distance, this child is tired, dirty, worn out, beat up, hungry, full of shame, and carries his head low.  Hesitantly, he looks up and sees his father RUNNING to him.  Doubt, fear, shame try to paralyze him but his heart fights through it and slowly one step at a time he starts moving forward towards his father.   It's weird, because I truly feel that I'm watching a movie, I'm rooting for the child, I'm overwhelmed with emotion, to see the father running towards his son! 

This same clip starts playing when we have visited a new city, talked to people on the street, when I've thought of home, when I've thought of my family, friends at home and all over the world, CSM students, Home Church (Central)...the clip of the father running towards his beat up broken child. 

Then, the music builds up and the father picks up his son and swings him around with all of his energy, strength, and love...it's a joy-love explosion!!  I can't even begin to describe the music, the color, the laughter, the loud crying in this moment but it breaks me EVERYTIME. 

If you are thinking, this is just the story of the prodigal son, something we teach in Sunday school, you are correct! BUT this isn't just an old story or parable...this is a reality.  God the father is RUNNING, he is running, he is running towards his child and that child is me, you, it's us, it's the person next to you, in front of you, next to you.

Can you hear the drum beat of his heart? It's coming closer, closer, and closer....he is running towards you.  RUN, Run ,run towards him, with every ounce that you can muster.  He wants to bring life back, he wants to blow life back to the dry bones.  He will give you new clothes and your REAL IDENTITY. Not just an identity you feel or think or an identity the world has given you, but your real identity as a son and daughter of the creator of the world, of life.  He is not a far away God that looks at us from a distance, he is a father that is desperate for a relationship, to walk with you every step you take in life.

Jon thurlow's lyrics coming in to mind as I sit here in Santiago, trying to write all this down so I don't forget.

"It's okay to believe, just open up and receive, cause, I  want you to have confidence in my love.""So stop acting as though you can earn it, I don't love you because you deserve it, I love you because that is who I AM, let love win."

Do not despise these small beginnings

By Elisenda Williams
on October 28, 2014

"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel's Hand," Zechariah 4:10
The beginnings of Terra's Popcorn haven't necessarily been small but let's be honest; we aren't exactly swamped...and that is not a bad thing.  God has been so good and so faithful, he has also been an amazing teacher.  He has been teaching us so much in this season, such as: business management, customer service, production management, product development, and Sales.  Sounds pretty boring but necessary when He is building a foundation.
  • Thankful to witness an idea become a reality
  • Thankful for the Favor God has already blessed us with
  • Thankful for the support and prayer of family and friends

 Prayer Requests at this time:

  • Transitions, transitions, transitions
  • Moving to Chile & all that goes with it
  • Wisdom

 Lord, thank you for your goodness and what you are already doing. Thank you that from something small you are able and willing to grow and nurture. Continue to give us your Holy Spirit to guide us and to lead us out of the boat. Help us to take chances and trust that you are in every detail and may you receive all the Glory and Honor. 


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