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Popcorn has always been a huge part of my childhood. Growing up running the Stir Crazy was nearly a nightly ritual. To give you an idea of the level of popcorn madness in my parents home, my daughter Terra and her cousins lovingly refer to their grandfather's recliner as the popcorn party chair.

The adventure begins... shortly after Ellie and I got married we started talking about going on the mission field. Things got real after Terra was born and we were able to go on our first short term trip. We went to Kenya just before Terra's first birthday. As a family we were hooked.

Pretty early on we decided if we are going to go into the mission field we would want to follow the Apostle Paul's example and try to support ourselves as much as possible. We would start a business and be fully integrated in the community. After establishing ourselves in a community God has put a deep desire in our hearts to provide fertile ground for a prayer room type ministry.

Kenya 2012We had a general pull towards Latin America, so we went with my parents to Honduras before Terra turned 2. We really felt called to South America and Chile really stood out. A friend of ours who works for Kids Around the World told us they were planning a trip to a YWAM base in Chile, so this last winter we got to opportunity to visit Chile. After allot of prayer and confirmation, we believe our new nation to call home is Chile and hopefully the future home of Casa de Oración

I have been working for equipment manufacturers in the snack food industry for the last 10 years. The week after we returned from Chile I was sent to the Texas A&M snack foods processing short course. There was a talk about popcorn and as I listened, recalling fond childhood memories centered around popcorn, and reflected on our visit to Chile so fresh in my mind, it was a moment of pure providence.

Terra's Popcorn Snack with a Mission was born. We decided that we should start here in the US to gain experience. If we can find favor in a crowded US market, Terra's Popcorn will be our first base of financial support as we transition into a new life in Chile. It also will be an outlet to share stories of our journey. As we become self sufficient on the Chilean side we hope to Pop It Forward allowing Terra's Popcorn to continue to launch families into the mission field.

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